The Aim of the Centre

The Aim of the Centre

The Research Centre for the Environment, Energy and Sustainability was established in Fall 2010 with an aim to contribute to environmental studies from a perspective that takes into account all aspects of environmental problems including energy and sustainability. The centre intends to serve as a bridge between all stakeholders including universities, NGOs, public institutions and the private sector.

Members of the Executive Board

Prof. Ayşe Uyduranoğlu
Director of the Center

Faculty Member, PhD, Füsun Servin Tut Haklıdır
Deputy Director of the Center

Assoc. Prof. Itır Erhart

Dr. Ali Alper Akyüz

Dr. Şadan İnan Rüma


Associate Prof. Ayşe Uyduranoğlu (İstanbul Bilgi University)
Associate Prof. Serda Selin Öztürk (İstanbul Bilgi University)
Assistant Prof. Füsun Servin Tut Haklıdır (İstanbul Bilgi University)
Assistant Prof. Yiğit Dağhan Gökdel (İstanbul Bilgi University)
Assistant Prof. Zahide Eylem Gevrek (Portugal Porto Catholic University)
Assistant Prof. Uğur Özdemir (Edinburgh Üniversitesi)